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QUALIMEDIA 2006-2009

Project title:  QUALIMEDIA – Improving the quality of multi media products for Euro-cultural education and blended learning in Europe



Agreement no:  06-DEU03-S2G01-00091-1

Participating Institutions:  DE (Koordinator, AT, NL, HU, GR, SI

Duration: 01.08.2006-31.07.2007 (1. Project year)



The project is promoted by the Sokrates program of the European Union/Grundtvig 2, partnerships of learning

Grundtvig/Qualimedia 06/07


Project aims


The project is aiming at promoting the quality of multi media developments and multi media products for Euro-cultural education and blended learning in Europe. An exchange and an international cooperation of experts from the participating countries concerning the development and safeguard of the qualitiy of multi media products for Euro-cultural education and blended learning in Europa has been organized. In order to improve quality standards, learners, teachers and experts from all relevant fields were associated to the project (development, production, design, promotion and pedagogical use). The work on quality improvement of multi media products was enlarged by didactical multi media products which oriented themselves on Euro-cultural education and intercultural education as well as blended learning and blended teaching.

In the first project year, the activities of the projects aimed at the research of and finding of quality standards in the countries participating and the research on exemplary excellent high quality multi media products (examples and demands). The requirements concerning quality standards have been concentrated on the following four fields of quality:


1. Pedagogical requirements concerning content (educational intentions and possibilities)

2. Didactical and methodological requirements (possibilities of teaching and learning and their opportunities)

3. Medial requirements (design and lay out)

4. Handling requirements (comfort of usage and handling)


Project tasks and activities


Project results


Project partners





This project was realized with the support of the European Community in the framework of the GRUNDVIG ACTION of the Sokrates program: The sole responsibility for the content lies with the authors of the project. In no way it reflects the opinion of the European Commission.

The project "Grundtvig-Media - Blended-LearningGrundtvig-Media - Blended-Learning in Euro-cultural Adulut Education" is being supportes by the Sokrates-Program of the European Union:
Grundtvig 2, Learning partnerships
Sponsored institution: Institut für Bildung und Medien (IB&M) der Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information e.V.